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About us

We employ professional women from various disciplines that completed a diverse range of additional trainings. We constantly thrive to broaden our experience to provide you with the best possible support. 

Board women

Cornelia Homfeldt
Commissioner for Equal Opportunity on the Labor Market from Meschede

Katrin Peus
Lawyer from Meschede

Association Women's Center Frauenzimmer e.V.

The roots of the association Frauenzentrum Frauenzimmer go back to 1987. At that time, committed people in Meschede founded an association with the goal of creating an independent psychosocial service in the Hochsauerland district.

From these beginnings the association Frauenzentrum Frauenzimmer e.V. developed, which organized group offers, seminars and lectures for women for several years with a lot of commitment and voluntary work. Finally, in March 1998, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Hochsauerland district agreed to finance professional staff. Thus, the goal of creating a long-term, professional counseling service by women for women in the Hochsauerlandkreis was achieved.

In August 2007, a support association for the women’s counseling center also began its work. The goal of this association is to help raise the annual funds necessary to finance the Women’s Counseling Center.

The support of the Förderverein is an important pillar for the long-term continuation and further development of the diverse work of the Women’s Counseling Center.

If you have any questions about membership or making a donation, we will be happy to answer them during our office hours.

Support our work and donate You

Our counseling work is free of charge for our clients, as we are predominantly financed by public funds from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Hochsauerlandkreis.

However, public funds are not sufficient. We rely on generating the missing money and ask for your support to do so.

Our donation account is:

Support Association of the Women’s Center Frauenzimmer e.V.
IBAN DE18 4645 1012 0000 056564

Become a member of our support association

With an annual membership starting at 12,- Euro you can support the Förderverein der Frauenberatungsstelle.

The declaration of accession can be downloaded right here.

Legacy: Give the gift of the future

Many people don’t realize that they can also include charitable organizations and institutions, such as the Women’s Counseling Center, in your estate. With your will, however, you determine what you want to pass on beyond life – a will can therefore also reflect personal values in addition to providing for loved ones.
Thus, in addition to a gift or donation, a bequest in favor of the Women’s Counseling Center is a good way to help shape the future and support other women.
A bequest usually represents a portion of the inheritance, for example, a certain amount to go to a social organization. This amount is then completely exempt from inheritance tax. 100% of the money goes to the desired organization and arrives directly where help is needed.

If you would like to support the work of the Women’s Counseling Center in the long term with a bequest, please feel free to contact us!
Your contact for more information and further arrangements:

Evelyn Tillner

If necessary, specialist advice and support from a lawyer can also be sought.

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