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Relationship problems, separation and divorce

Relationship problems and disputes can be stressful and can occur in any type of relationship. Often it takes place within family or relationship dynamics. But they can occur in any interpersonal relationship (e.g., office environments, friendships). Relationship dynamics can be analyzed and discussed. There are several aspects to consider when going through a separation and divorce. A separation/divorce process can be an emotional and challenging time, during which the Meschede Women’s Counseling Center is available to provide you with counseling and support.

Counseling is confidential and anonymous upon request.

We support you if you want to talk about relationship problems or are considering separation and divorce. It doesn’t matter if they want to continue the relationship or are considering separation or divorce.

We support you as a woman and in your individual situation. The specific content of the consulting sessions is based entirely on your individual needs and can open up new opportunities for you.

We offer you
  • Personal talks and advice
  • Support with everyday problems
  • Talks about sexuality and rights of a woman in a relationship/marriage
  • Information on how to proceed in the event of separation or divorce
  • Advice on the financial situation
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